Jessica McLaughlin

Jessica has been dancing for over 35 years and has worked in dance studios for over 25 years in many capacities. Dance instructing is her passion, and she is accomplished across a whole range of styles, from Tap to Jazz to Latin and Ballroom. As well as teaching in studios, she has also been responsible for opening new studios and running them from a business perspective. She understands the dance studio business from both sides and is dedicated to teaching dance for both the fitness and pleasure of her students, young and old. She has a special love of introducing dance to young children from the age of two. She is a proven studio operator in different countries throughout the world, particularly Canada and Australia.

William Gulson

Mr Will has been dancing since the age of 8, training in jazz, tap, ballet as well as Musical Theatre and improvisation. Originally starting his performance skills in acting, Mr Will has been involved with both performance and management of a large variety of musicals, dramas and Shakespeare plays, including the role of Riff from West Side Story, Crazy for You, Romeo and Juliet and Death of a Salesman. Awarded Prefect of Drama from Knox Grammar School in 2014, Mr Will is currently employed as backstage manager and assistant choreographer with current productions, and is completing his Bachelor of Arts in Arts Industries Management at Macquarie University in musical theatre, drama and performance curation.