Our Acrodance classes offer our students the ability to incorporate acrobatic skills into their other dance styles while building strength and flexibility. We use the acrobatic arts syllabus for these classes. Acrobatic Arts is a professional curriculum for acrobatic dance. This program is designed to promote excellence in tumbling, flexibility, strength, balance and partner/group stunting for dancers. Through this program, students will develop the muscle groups, flexibility, and technique required to perform tumbling and partner/group tricks on stage as part of a complete dance routine. Dancers will be inspired to excel, progressing through twelve exam levels. Examinations are mandatory to progress through the levels.

These classes are open to students from 5 years and up. Students must be enrolled in a ballet and/or jazz class to be eligible to enroll for the acrodance classes. New students to this type of class will need to register for the foundation class.

Ages for these classes are only used as a guideline and students will be placed into the appropriate level class after they complete their skills assessment.

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